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“What gives me the most satisfaction in life is helping folks minimize their suffering.”

Jonah Teitelbaum, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist
: 203 801 3425

“What gives me the most satisfaction in life is helping folks minimize their suffering.”

Dr. Jonah Teitelbaum is one of two service directors for the newly inaugurated Silver Hill Psychiatric Testing Service for people who are grappling with complex or treatment resistant mental disorders. “This is an intensive, eight-day, residential program,” he explains, “designed to give folks clarity about their diagnoses, and an effective treatment plan to address what’s really going on with them in terms of their mental illness, their wellbeing, their suffering.”

In addition, Dr. Teitelbaum is a Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow in the Silver Hill Fellowship for the Treatment of Complex Psychiatric Disorders. “There are several pieces to the fellowship program,” says Dr. Teitelbaum, “including training in a variety of psychotherapies, performing psychological assessments, and treating patients one-on-one and in groups.”

If there is one principle guiding all of Dr. Teitelbaum’s  work at Silver Hill, it’s the importance of making a strong personal bond with each of his patients. “What I value first and foremost, as a clinician, is the depth and strength of the interpersonal connection that I make,” he says. “That’s really at the core of what we’re doing here. We’re making contact with people who have had difficulty with that in their lives.”

Dr. Teitelbaum brings incredible passion to his work. “I  promise my patients care, compassion, dedication, hard work and commitment,” he says. “I try to bring my full self into every moment of my time with patients.”

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