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“My patients feel that I get them, and that I’m providing a really safe emotional space for them.”

Nadia Fiorita, LCSW

Social Worker

“My patients feel that I get them, and that I’m providing a really safe emotional space for them.”

Finding a connection with each of her patients is the focus for Nadia Fiorita, LCSW, in her role in the 28-day residential program for adolescents. “I’m teaching these young people new and healthier ways of coping with their struggles,” she says.

The therapeutic foundation of the adolescent program is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Ms. Fiorita says, a proven treatment that teaches practical skills to regulate emotions, control destructive behaviors and improve interpersonal relations.

“I provide DBT treatment to our adolescents through individual therapy and by running DBT skills groups,” she explains, “and I conduct family meetings jointly with the psychiatrists.”

Ms. Fiorita strongly believes in the effectiveness of DBT. “The research shows that this type of therapeutic approach works best for patients who struggle with chronic self-harm, suicidality, suicide attempts, mood dysregulation, emotional dysregulation, and chaotic relationships,” she says.

At the end of the day, her hope for her patients is that “they are able to see their own purpose for being alive, and that they are able to experience joy in their lives as they move on from our program.”



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