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Sharon Kowalchuk, RN, DNP

Chief Nursing Officer

Caring is the essence of nursing and is the underpinning of her team’s mission for Silver Hill’s Chief Nursing Officer, Sharon R. Kowalchuk RN, DNP.

Initially recruited to Silver Hill as the Director of Nursing in 2013, Sharon assumed the role of Chief Nursing Officer in November 2021.  As a leader of the organization, she is vital to the establishment of a cohesive and collaborative nursing care team to maintain safe quality patient care.

Central to Silver Hill’s nursing mission and philosophy is Kristen Swanson’s “Theory of Caring.” This theory provides the essential ingredients for our patient-centered care model. Structured around 5 caring processes: (1) knowing the patient, (2) being with the patient, (3) doing for the patient, (4) enabling and facilitating care for the patient, and (5) maintaining hope and belief in the patient.  These caring principles are manifest in the daily interactions in our milieu and contribute to patient and staff well-being.

The key to a successful caring team is the presence and demonstration of support that staff receives from leadership. Sharon’s passion and motivation are to demonstrate that caring leadership makes a difference in nursing retention and quality care. 

A fierce advocate for continuing education and career advancement for her team, Sharon has supported and inspired many nurses and psychiatric technicians to return to school and take advantage of the opportunities provided by Silver Hill’s tuition reimbursement program.  In addition, the staff participates in Grand Rounds, Nursing Symposia, and annual education offerings.


Hunter- Bellevue School of Nursing, BSN

New York University, MA

Sacred Heart University, DNP


Professional Memberships

 New York State Nurses Association

Sigma Theta Tau

National League for Nursing

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