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Silver Hill Hospital

William Prueitt, MD

Director of the Ketamine Treatment Program

Dr. William Prueitt is passionate about providing mental health care to individuals with treatment-resistant depression. Towards this end, he has  been dedicated to studying the benefits of various interventions, including psychedelic medicines, for patients with depression. His input and experience were pivotal in designing and developing the Ketamine Treatment Program at Silver Hill, and he now oversees a team of specially trained nurses and psychiatrists in delivering a proven ketamine treatment protocol to patients.

“Silver Hill strives to provide  the most effective, clinically proven, modern treatment methods that enhance the quality of care and give new hope to patients with complex mental disorders,” says Dr. Prueitt. “I aim to continue this mission and lead the Ketamine Treatment Program in a way that promotes an environment of healing for all patients who walk through our doors.”

Dr. Prueitt graduated from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha honor society. He then completed his psychiatry residency at the Yale School of Medicine. While at Yale, Dr. Prueitt led the Yale Psychedelic Science Group, created a popular Psychedelic Medicine educational course, and gained extensive experience treating patients with ketamine and esketamine  in one of the nation’s leading treatment centers, providing over 400 treatments to more than 50 patients. Dr. Prueitt has published peer-reviewed work in Molecular Psychiatry, Academic Psychiatry, Psychiatry Research, and other scientific journals on topics ranging from ketamine biomarkers, to antidepressant treatment response, to psychedelic medicine education. In addition to his role at Silver Hill, he also holds an appointment as a Clinical Instructor of Psychiatry at Yale.

Medical School

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School


Yale School of Medicine

Academic Affiliations

Clinical Instructor of Psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine

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