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The Loneliness Cure — Global Theatre Performance Series

Created by Cheryl Wiesenfeld and Melanie Hoopes
Written and Directed by Melanie Hoopes
Talkback moderated by Jeff Katzman, MD, Director of Education, Silver Hill Hospital 

About The Loneliness Cure

A 2018-2020 survey revealed 60 percent of Americans struggle with loneliness, and the numbers increase to 75 percent for younger people. There is little solace to be found. Screens are ever present, social media is in play, and the pandemic changed us, some would argue, forever. We are more isolated, more defensive, more mistrusting. Our Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has sounded the alarm on “the loneliness epidemic.” Murthy states that loneliness poses real threats to both mental and physical health, among them: higher risks of depression, anxiety, cardiovascular illness, dementia, and sleep disturbances.

And those are the quieter, more personal effects of a society in a crisis. There are other heartbreaking catastrophic outcomes of isolation and lack of connection to others: rampant gun violence, sky-rocketing drug overdoses, and soaring deaths by suicide. There is no end in sight to this escalation.

Created through research and interviews, The Loneliness Cure examines our country’s public health crisis of loneliness, isolation, and lack of social connection.

This event is free. Reservation is required.
Donations are welcome. Suggested donation: $40
All proceeds benefit Arts for All.

To learn more about this topic, we invite you to watch Loneliness and Connection, a fascinating Grand Rounds presentation by Silver Hill Hospital’s Jeff Katzman, MD, a lifelong student of the theme. 

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