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Introduction to Resilience: Building Our Internal Resources

Silver Hill Hospital’s Community Resilience Campaign (CRC) is pleased to offer Introduction to Resilience: Building our Internal Resources, a workbook encompassing the knowledge, skills, and experiences that our network of health-care professionals have shared during the Behavioral Health Professional Workforce Resilience ECHO program.

This workbook is designed by health-care professionals for health-care professionals to help them prevent burnout and compassion fatigue, reduce stress, and reconnect to their passion for the profession. Resilience bolsters an individual’s ability to manage and overcome adversity by increasing awareness and incorporating self-care practices into their daily routine.

This workbook originated from a collaboration between the CRC and Project ECHO’s resilience programs that include webinar-like presentations, advising to developing programs in workplaces throughout communities, and workgroups of health-care professionals that are presented with resiliency related materials and given the opportunity to discuss their professional experiences.

The output of these groups have been analyzed and incorporated into this workbook. Introduction to Resilience: Building Our Internal Resources includes resilience building skills and concepts presented during each week of the workgroup process, with links to videos of the actual presentations that can be used to help oneself or to teach these skills to others, either clients or peers, in any organization.

This workbook is available for download and completely free online in a fillable format. A hard copy is also available from the publisher at production cost.