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National Humor Month: The Power of a Laugh
Are you having a miserable day? Just laugh! This probably sounds counterintuitive, but research shows laughter has healing powers for the body and mind. When you don’t feel like laughing is probably when you need it most.
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Silver Hill Hospital
A Healthy Diet Can Improve Your Mental Health
The link between how food affects our mood is becoming common knowledge.  There are blockbuster books, recipes and diets can be found on the Internet, and even grocery manufacturers now package perfect snack pairings to you power through that mid-day slump.
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Silver Hill Hospital
Snack Foods That Will
Improve Your Mood
Pair a carb with a protein for a lasting energy boost. Now, you may be surprised that Silver Hill is writing what appears to be more of a culinary post than a medical one, but the truth is, what our patients eat is incredibly important to us. Absorbed into the bloodstream, food is how we get nutrition, and the right nutrition is a critical component of the recovery process. It gives our patients energy to focus and fully participate in treatment programs, aids in mood stabilization by reducing blood sugar spikes, and if their medications are causing weight loss or gain, can even help rebalance those scales.
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