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Alcohol: In More Foods Than
You May Know
You would be surprised at the number of packaged and already cooked foods that contain small amounts of alcohol, including many specialty foods found in delicatessen or gourmet shops. Pure vanilla and almond extract, and some brands of Dijon mustard are examples. Marinara sauce with wine, whipped cream and even fruit cake can all pose problems. For many of us this is not an issue. Adding “a little something extra” can make any meal special, especially during the holidays.
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Silver Hill Hospital
Alcohol-Free Holiday Drink Recipes
If you're avoiding alcohol this holiday season, try one of these festive alcohol-free drinks.
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Silver Hill Hospital
Have a Happy, Alcohol-Free St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day, a wonderful celebration of Irish culture, is this Saturday. A time of family, friends and proud heritage. A day when even those of us not of Irish descent celebrate this warm and vibrant culture.
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