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Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment

Discover The Argent Program

Are you or a loved one suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction or other severe psychiatric disorders or co-occurring conditions? Do you feel like you or your loved one have tried everything, but nothing is clear and nothing is working? You may have begun to lose confidence in treatment.

Silver Hill’s solution? Caring more.
Doing whatever it takes to give you new clarity and new hope.

This is the simple philosophy driving Silver Hill Hospital’s extensive psychiatric assessment and evaluation service for adults. The Argent Program consists of approximately two weeks of a residential deep dive into all aspects of your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Like no other diagnostic process before, the patient will come away with both a deeper understanding of their condition and a detailed roadmap for ongoing and effective treatment.

The assessment will be directed by both a psychiatrist and psychologist from Silver Hill Hospital. They will guide a team of specialists including neurologists, family therapists and others in support of your care. 

Over the course of approximately two weeks, we will work together with the patient to draw a detailed portrait of their psychiatric history, cognitive skills and personality; physical wellbeing including medical history, sleep patterns and brain function; family dynamics and patterns of relationships; their most effective psychotherapies; and spiritual, nutritional/dietary, and fitness best practices. On the patient’s final day, the expert team will present a comprehensive diagnostic report with our insights and recommended care plan, including clinician referrals. After the stay, the patient will receive a comprehensive diagnostic report with all of our findings and recommendations.

Whether ongoing treatment involves Silver Hill Hospital services or outside clinicians, we will remain in close contact with all providers to share insights and provide continuity of care. This comprehensive approach to assessing complex and treatment resistant disorders sets us apart among mental health facilities and practitioners in greater Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and beyond.

Download The Argent Program Brochure.

Transitional Living Houses

Adults enrolled in The Argent Program will stay in one of our comfortable and well-appointed Transitional Living houses on campus, which is determined by clinical appropriateness.


Hill House
Hill House

Treatments & Therapies

The sole focus of The Argent Program on the beautiful Silver Hill Hospital campus is the patient. The Argent Program is a unique opportunity for the patient to work one-on-one with leading experts most appropriate to their individual circumstances, in order to find new insights and a new way forward.

Here is what to expect:

  • Psychological (personality) and neuro-psychological (cognitive) testing
  • Psychiatric, medical, family and life history taking
  • Self assessment, including your assessment of your relationships
  • Mid-program case conference
  • Specialist therapeutic sessions as indicated
  • Therapeutic and pharmacologic knowledge building
  • Evaluation of family dynamics
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Spiritual assessment
  • Wellness services – including yoga, acupuncture, personal fitness training, meditation and massage therapy – as well as fitness and recreational opportunities
  • Final Presentation with our expert findings and detailed treatment recommendations for you (and family by your invitation)
  • After graduating from the Argent program, you and your treatment team will receive a highly detailed report with all of our findings and recommendations.

Download The Argent Program Brochure.

An interior and exterior look at Hill House where The Argent Program is based.


Our multi-disciplinary team works as a team on your care.

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