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The Argent Program

A Comprehensive Evaluation Offering Clarity and Guidance

The Argent Program is a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation program in which an individual resides at Silver Hill Hospital while participating in an extensive multi-tiered evaluation and taking part in additional therapeutic activities. 

Individuals often seek the services of the Argent Program because they are at a crossroads in their lives and the way forward is not clear.  Individuals may feel plagued by emotional symptoms that they cannot explain or may be suffering from a complex array of issues — such as anxiety, depression, addiction, PTSD, or other mental health disorders and co-existing conditions. In some cases, prior treatments have not been effective, or progress has stalled.  Their lives, functioning, and happiness are compromised, and progression is uncertain.

The Argent Program, and team, offers guidance and hope through a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and assessment, conducted over 10 to 14 days on the Silver Hill Hospital campus.

The Argent Program is led by Acting Director, Benjamin Bernstein, PhD and his team of clinical professionals, all deeply talented and wholly committed to helping Argent patients gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their conditions to restore meaning to their lives.

Program Overview

The Argent Program is a 10- to 14-day residential program that is focused on the individual and on gaining a comprehensive and deep understanding of their whole person — mental, physical, spiritual — through a series of assessments, 24/7 observations, evaluations, and activities.  The program is free of the interruptions and distractions of daily life and conducted in the warm, tranquil, and therapeutic environment of Silver Hill Hospital.

The Argent Team works closely with patients to develop a detailed understanding of their psychiatric history, neuropsychological functioning and cognitive skills, personality; physical wellbeing including medical history, family dynamics and patterns of relationships; previous psychotherapy experiences; and spiritual, nutritional/dietary, and fitness best practices.

Representative assessments include:

  • Psychological and Neuro-Psychological Testing
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Personality Assessment
  • Developmental History
  • Family History
  • Art Therapy
  • Spiritual Assessment
  • Wellness Assessment
  • Plus, additional activities/therapies focused on deriving information and understanding:

The result of the assessment is a detailed diagnostic report [plus summary] and a recommended care plan, aligned with an individual’s goals, for moving forward in their life.  The report offers clarity and direction through a detailed analysis of assessment results and a deeper understanding of the individual.

What to Expect

All participants in the Argent Program reside in one of the Transitional Living houses on the Silver Hill campus, determined by clinical appropriateness. All Transitional Living houses are comfortable and well appointed, offering a pleasant space for time between assessments and activities. Meals are available at the dining room on campus or within the house.

Each day, assessments are conducted, and group, wellness, and therapeutic activities are scheduled.  Argent patients also have access to all Silver Hill Hospital wellness facilities and treatments.

Silver Hill Hospital
An interior look at Hill House, where The Argent Program is based.

The Argent Team

The Argent team is composed of highly experienced and educated mental health clinicians — psychologists, a psychiatrist, social workers, and nursing team members — who bring decades of excellence and expertise to their work.

The Argent team is deeply committed to their patients, to analyzing the full results of the assessments, and to providing meaningful recommendations and direction for treatment.

The Argent team remains involved in a patient’s care following their time at Silver Hill Hospital to ensure that the recommended treatments are working.  

The Impact of Argent

This past week was life-changing for me. I have been struggling to address my mental, emotional, and physical health issues and have found Silver Hill to be the ideal place to discover root causes, assess my overall state, and raise core, thought-provoking questions I need to answer to both address my current issues and transform my priorities for the next phase of my life. I did not know a place like Silver Hill existed. It's genius. Every person and every session were more impactful than any experience that I have had prior — to a person and to a session. I am so deeply grateful that you took me in and treated me with the care and attention.

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