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Ketamine Treatment Program

for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Program Overview

The Ketamine Treatment Program at Silver Hill Hospital offers a powerful therapeutic intervention to individuals with treatment-resistant depression. The program is open to outpatients, residential patients, and inpatients.

Ketamine works differently than traditional antidepressants, and our psychiatrists have designed a ketamine protocol based on a growing body of research that shows this medication’s ability to rapidly relieve depressive symptoms that have not responded to other treatments. The tailored approach begins with a thorough psychiatric evaluation and screening to determine the appropriateness of ketamine treatment for each individual. Patients in the program will receive a structured course of ketamine infusions administered and monitored by medical professionals. Ketamine patients often experience improved mood, renewed optimism, reduced negative thoughts, and a greater ability to enjoy life. 

Who We Serve

The Silver Hill Hospital Ketamine Treatment Program is appropriate for individuals, age 18+, with a diagnosis of moderate to severe unipolar or bipolar depression who have not responded to prior antidepressant treatments. Ketamine therapy requires an initial commitment of twice-weekly sessions for 4 weeks. If the individual has a positive response, additional infusions will likely be recommended at a decreasing frequency.

What to Expect

The level of care a patient is receiving — inpatient, residential, or outpatient — will determine various elements of their care plan, however ketamine treatment is approached consistently across levels of care. 

Prior to starting ketamine treatments, all patients must have completed both a psychiatric consultation with William Prueitt, MD, and a medical evaluation, conducted by a Silver Hill Hospital APRN, or a primary care physician. 

Course of Treatment

  • Treatment course begins with eight ketamine infusions given over 4 weeks, followed by tapered maintenance doses to promote more lasting effects.
  • Ketamine is administered intravenously to control individualized dosing for each patient.
  • Rigorous clinical practice guidelines are followed throughout the course of treatment.
  • Administration is overseen by Dr. Prueitt and monitored and managed by a team of experienced nurses.

Experience and Results

  • Ketamine Treatment sessions last approximately 2 hours including check-in and preparation, infusion time, and recovery.
  • Ketamine infusions take place at the Ketamine Treatment Program center on campus at Silver Hill. Newly renovated in 2023, the location offers a warm, appealing, and comfortable environment. 
  • Patients are treated in semi-private rooms with reclining chairs.
  • The Silver Hill Ketamine Treatment Program is equipped with individual eye masks, iPads, noise-cancelling headphones, pre-selected playlists for use during treatments. 
  • Most Silver Hill Hospital Ketamine patients report the experience as comfortable and often pleasant.
  • Many patients experience relief from depressive symptoms within a few treatments and can also notice an improved ability to enjoy activities and to engage in life and relationships.
Ketamine therapy changed my life because it allowed me to distance myself from my negative thinking in a remarkable way.
Ketamine Treatment Patient

The Treatment Team

The Silver Hill Ketamine Treatment Program operates under the direction of William Prueitt, MD, who gained extensive experience in ketamine treatment at the Yale School of Medicine, one of the largest and most established ketamine programs in the country. The program is also served by Maude Kebbon, program assistant, plus a team of experienced nurses who work with Dr. Prueitt to administer, monitor and manage the treatment center. 

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