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New Canaan / Weston Urgent Assessment Program

Program Overview

New Canaan / Weston Urgent Assessment Program (NCUA) / (WUA) is a collaboration between the Town of New Canaan / the Town of Weston and Silver Hill Hospital. Its goal is to connect those in urgent need of mental health treatment with a timely, psychiatric assessment and tailored referral for ongoing care. The program serves children, adolescents, and adults and is available to New Canaan / Weston residents for no out-of-pocket cost. The Assessment Program is available by advance appointment only. 

For additional information and to schedule an intake screening, please fill out our contact form OR call Silver Hill Hospital admissions at 1-866-542-4455 and indicate that you are inquiring about the New Canaan / Weston Urgent Assessment Program.

Our Process



Q: How long will it take me to schedule an appointment to be assessed?

A: Our goal is to offer an assessment appointment that occurs within 48 hours of an individual’s intake call. 

Q: If I am already seeing a mental health provider, is the NCUA / WUA program an appropriate service?

A: If you have a current provider and need an urgent assessment, we would recommend that you first reach out to your current provider and ask to see them or a person covering for them urgently. Because you already have a relationship with them, they usually can provide the best assessment and/or care for your current situation. However, if this person is not available or able to provide the assessment you need, then you may be appropriate for the NCUA/WUA. In that case, please reach out to our admissions staff to discuss.

Q: What is the cost of the assessment service?

A: For a New Canaan / Weston resident, there is no out-of-pocket cost. The amount will covered by a combination of insurance billing and Town ARPA grant funds. If you are not a New Canaan / Weston resident, the Urgent Assessment is subject to the member’s plan coverage benefits, which may include out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles and copays. Please call to discuss the fee.

Q: How do I decide if I should go to the emergency room or the New Canaan / Weston Urgent Assessment Program?

A: If you are in any kind of danger or have a medical situation that requires you be seen in less than 48 hours, the NCUA/WUA program is not the appropriate option. You should go to a hospital emergency room or a medical urgent care center that can see you immediately. (Norwalk, Stamford, and Greenwich Hospital Emergency Rooms are local options. AFC Urgent Care is for an urgent care center.) If your situation is urgent in that you cannot wait the weeks it would take to get an outpatient appointment with a traditional provider or cannot identify an outpatient provider and need to be seen this week (up to 48 hours from completing your phone screening) then the NCUA/WUA program is right for you.

Q: Can I come to Silver Hill for an assessment without an appointment?

A: You cannot. The NCUA/WUA is a by-appointment program only.


Important Note

The New Canaan / Weston Urgent Assessment Program is not an emergency service. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency and need immediate assistance, you should go to your nearest emergency room.

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