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Creative Therapies at
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Art Therapy

Art therapy has been around since the 1940s, but many people don’t understand what it entails or what the benefits are. Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that encourages people to explore feelings, perceptions and imagination through visual art. The focus is not on the pictures or objects being created, but on the feelings and emotions that are revealed through the creative process. Often people find a voice through art that they didn’t know they had.

Even if patients don’t think they have any artistic talent, everyone is encouraged to try. Often people surprise themselves. Katie Wieting, ATR-BC, LCAT, CLAT, the Art Therapist at Silver Hill, explains that many patients forget about their pain and/or feelings while they are engaged in creating a piece of art. The process helps them practice mindfulness and visualize reality. At the end of the session everyone is encouraged to talk about their piece with the group. Although this is voluntary, patients who participate in the discussion often gain more insight into the psychological issues being portrayed through the art.


A study presented in the Journal of Advances in Psychiatric Treatment found that expressive writing helps improve moods, reduce depressive symptoms, relieve stress and improve overall mental well-being. In addition to psychological effects, writing can actually improve physical health as well by reducing blood pressure, improving the immune system and memory. Journaling also has positive effects; it reduces stress and helps people clarify their thoughts and feelings. This can help reduce anxiety, improve mood and help people identify thought patterns and recurring feelings that are standing in the way of healing and happiness.

At Silver Hill, patients are encouraged to explore creative writing and journaling. In addition to writing, patients in the Adolescent Transitional Living Program create audio diaries of their thoughts, feelings and experience at the program.

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