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Silver Hill Hospital

“Silver Hill is not a big institution, but it has a quality of staff corresponding to a big institution.”

Anri Kissilenko, MD

Attending Psychiatrist

“Silver Hill is not a big institution, but it has a quality of staff corresponding to a big institution.”

An exceptional staff solely focused on psychiatric care and structured for team interaction are the factors that make Silver Hill Hospital so effective at treating psychiatric and behavioral issues, according to Dr. Anri Kissilenko.

“We have the ability to use the expertise from different parts of the treatment spectrum very quickly and efficiently,” says Dr. Kissilenko. “It makes us able to treat an individual with several conditions effectively.”

As head of the hospital’s acute care, Dr. Kissilenko treats patients in crisis from conditions including schizophrenia, major depression, mania, delirium and acute withdrawal. “I immediately try to convey to new patients that my only agenda is to use all my experience to try to help them,” says Dr. Kissilenko.

Dr. Kissilenko and the acute care team work quickly to stabilize a patient’s immediate crisis, and then take steps to plan future individualized treatment. The goal, says Dr. Kissilenko, is to develop “a diagnosis on the one hand, and and a dynamic understanding of the person on the other hand. Based on that, then a treatment plan can be established.”


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