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Treatment For Adults

Treatment for Adults

Silver Hill is a full-service psychiatric hospital with the expertise, experience, flexibility, and empathy to understand your unique struggle with mental illness or addiction. We will find the proven therapies that work best for you. We stand among the best inpatient and outpatient mental health facilities for comprehensive, compassionate and evidence-based care.

What We Treat

As a full-service psychiatric hospital, Silver Hill provides expert, comprehensive and effective adult care for the following:

Co-Occurring Disorders

An advantage to treatment at Silver Hill Hospital is our ability to treat co-occurring disorders. Many patients who initiate treatment for either a psychiatric disorder or an addiction have experienced another disorder at some time in their lives – and often both at the same time. At Silver Hill, we have extensive experience and expertise in treating both psychiatric and addiction disorders whether they occur separately or together.

How We Treat

The course of a mental illness or addiction is highly variable, and treatment needs to be flexible enough to respond to changes as they occur. You may be responding well to treatment one day and have a change the next. Silver Hill has that flexibility, because our highly trained and experience clinicians have the knowledge base necessary to correctly adjust as your condition warrants.

Our specialized treatment programs, which house programs dedicated to the treatment of particular clinical problems, provide another advantage to your treatment at Silver Hill. From addictions to psychoses, to mood and personality disorders, we have the specialized staff to correctly treat your condition, no matter how complex.

Adult treatment at Silver Hill includes:

  • A thorough diagnostic evaluation from an expert clinician
  • Individualized treatment that is directed to your specific needs
  • Compassionate care that respects your dignity
  • A safe environment that fosters healing
  • An 85-year track record of successful outcomes
  • A comprehensive team approach to your care provided by an expert staff
  • Therapies that are patient-focused and evidenced-based
  • Programs that support your family and loved ones
  • A plan for safe discharge when your stay is completed

Levels of Care
As a patient at Silver Hill, you can move back and forth seamlessly between Inpatient, Transitional Living and Intensive Outpatient care as needed – without disruption in treatment or dislocation in care. No matter where you are in this continuum of care, you keep working with the same hospital staff on the same hospital campus.

Visit Being at Silver Hill to learn more about our levels of care, or choose a condition under What We Treat for the specifics of care for each disorder.

To Families
Family support of your loved one in treatment is an important part of successful recovery. Support for families themselves is equally important, because mental illness is a family affair. We encourage close collaboration among patient, family and community providers wherever possible. And we host numerous on-campus family programs for education and support.

Choose a condition under What We Treat and visit Patient Experience for the specifics of family support for each disorder.

Fees for Treatment

Visit the Fees & Insurance page for more information.

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