Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient Care

Silver Hill offers several Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), for adolescents and adults who are able to live at home but desire continued addiction and/or psychological treatment to live full and independent lives. You come to outpatient care at Silver Hill in Connecticut two or three times a week for three hour group therapy sessions led by licensed clinicians.

These outpatient programs include:

Addiction & Co-Occurring Disorders – An intensive outpatient program to help people struggling with addiction to break the cycle of relapse and maintain their sobriety. We identify and treat any underlying psychiatric disorders, such as anxiety or depression. The program provides both individual and group therapy and includes outpatient detoxification when deemed safe and necessary.

Outpatient Addiction Program – An Intensive Outpatient Program appropriate for patients diagnosed with an addiction or co-occurring disorders who do not require residential treatment, but do need counseling and skill building to function effectively.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Group – An intensive outpatient program for patients at a low risk for self-harm and who have a stable living environment. This program teaches skills training based on the five core modules of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) led by licensed clinicians.

Women’s DBT and Safe Relationships  A Dialectical Behavioral Therapy outpatient program for women focuses on relationships.

Adolescents A Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) program where teens and their families learn DBT core skills help them understand and manage powerful emotions, become more aware of themselves and how they think, and find effective ways of coping with stress.

Personality Disorders – An intensive outpatient program for skills training based on the five core modules of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) led by licensed clinicians.

Each program lasts six to nine weeks. All programs, with the exception of Outpatient Addiction, require you to maintain a therapeutic relationship with a community-based therapist and psychiatrist (for medication management if appropriate).

To learn more about Intensive Outpatient care for the conditions we treat, navigate to What We Treat.

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