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Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient Care

We offer specialized Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) for adolescents and adults who are able to live at home and desire continued substance use treatment and/or psychological treatment to live full and independent lives. Our Intensive Outpatient Programs meet three times a week for eight weeks and consist of group therapy sessions led by an expert, licensed clinician. We also partner with you and your outpatient treatment team to provide individualized treatment and aftercare plans.

Call our direct number – 203-801-2217 – to speak with an Intensive Outpatient Program specialist.

Why Choose IOP at Silver Hill?

Led by Expert, Licensed Clinicians

Our IOP programs are led by expert, licensed clinicians who have extensive training and experience in guiding patients who are working toward perhaps the most important goals of their life. We practice a team approach to your care in collaboration with your doctor, your psychiatrist, and your counselor.

Compassionate Care with Respect for your Dignity

We know it takes courage to do the personal work ahead, and we are here to guide you on this journey, treating you with the utmost respect and compassion. Because each person has their own past, present, and future, your treatment will address your specific needs.

A Safe Place for Healing

Silver Hill Hospital is a tranquil and pristine 44-acre campus – a safe and soothing environment designed to foster healing, health, and hope.

Help for the Whole Family

We know that as you become healthier, it impacts your relationships with those closest to you. As part of our IOP programs, family members are encouraged to attend family therapy sessions, so that all of you can move forward together.

Covered by Insurance and Medicare

Silver Hill Hospital participates with insurance and managed care networks that provide coverage for intensive outpatient services. Our admissions staff can help you determine your insurance benefits.

Specialized IOP Programs

Our programs are specialized, with select programs offered in both the day and the evening. In addition to receiving individualized care, you will have group therapy with peers who are addressing some of the same challenges and working toward their specific life goals.

Dual Diagnosis Intensive Outpatient Program

In our Dual Diagnosis program we treat substance use disorders along with any underlying psychiatric disorders, such as anxiety or depression, that may be impacting recovery. To meet each patient’s unique needs, individual therapy and medication management are available if needed, in conjunction with the group therapy program. Led by an expert Addiction Psychiatrist, the Dual Diagnosis IOP includes both individual and group therapy.

Dual Diagnosis Day Program

The Dual Diagnosis Day Program meets three days a week, from 9:00 am to 11:45 am, for eight weeks.

Dual Diagnosis Evening Program

The Dual Diagnosis Evening Program allows you to participate in treatment while maintaining your work, school, or home schedule. The Evening Program is held three nights a week, from 5:45 pm to 8:30 pm, for eight weeks.

Adult Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Group 
This program teaches skills based on the five core modules of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, led by specially trained and licensed clinicians. DBT is an evidence-based treatment that helps builds coping skills to treat anxiety, depression, self-harm, substance use disorders, and personality disorders.

Young Adult Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Group

Based on the five core modules of DBT, the Young Adult DBT Skills Group teaches people ages 18-22 essential coping skills to better manage behaviors, emotions, interpersonal relationships, and thoughts.

Women’s Intensive Outpatient Program

A dual diagnosis program for women in early recovery, the Women’s DBT and Safe Relationships IOP focuses on building self-esteem, managing emotions, maintaining healthy relationships, and developing resiliency. This program incorporates Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Seeking Safety skills. 

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program

This is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) program where teens learn how to manage powerful emotions, become more aware of the connection between thoughts and actions, find effective ways of coping with stress, and develop healthier interpersonal relationships.

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