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Levels of Care

Levels of Care

Silver Hill Hospital, a leader among private mental health facilities, provides the appropriate level of care you need, when you need it, all on one campus. This allows you to move seamlessly from one level to another depending on your needs at any time, without disruption in treatment or care.

You have ready access to staff, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are 15 board-certified physicians on-staff at Silver Hill, providing a breath and depth of experience for treating even the most complex illnesses.

The levels of care are:

Inpatient – The most intensive form of care, indicated for a phase of your illness that requires medical intervention for symptom reduction and stabilization. There is a high clinician-to-patient ratio so that you can receive all the care you need in a safe and non-judgmental environment.
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Transitional Living Structured living on campus after your symptoms are stabilized, where treatment can continue on an extended basis . These programs are designed to provide you with an interim stage of treatment to continue healing and developing skills before returning home.
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Intensive Outpatient  Continued on-campus treatment if you are well enough to live at home. For three sessions per week, you continue to improve the skills you need to function independently.
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Dr. Michael Groat explains the continuity of care at Silver Hill. 

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