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Levels of Care

Silver Hill Hospital, a leader among private mental health facilities, provides the appropriate level of care you need, when you need it, all on one campus. This allows you to move seamlessly from one level to another depending on your needs at any time, without disruption in treatment or care.

You have ready access to staff, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are 15 board-certified physicians on-staff at Silver Hill, providing a breath and depth of experience for treating even the most complex illnesses.


Psychiatric inpatient hospitalization may be required if your symptoms are severely disabling or life-threatening. During inpatient care, a multidisciplinary team evaluates your symptoms, provides a diagnostic evaluation and treatment plan that often involves medication management. The team helps you and your family determine the next appropriate step in treatment when you are ready to step-down. Given that patients entering inpatient are often in the most acute phase of a mental illness, there is staff available 24/7 to support you. 

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Transitional Living

Our Transitional Living Programs offer individuals an opportunity to participate in a highly structured treatment program comprised of intensive individual and group therapy while under the care of a psychiatrist. Individuals live on campus for a minimum of 28-days with peers seeking to address similar issues. Transitional Living can serve as a helpful step-down following inpatient stabilization to learn and practice skill development specific to your illness. 

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Intensive Outpatient

A group therapy model of treatment for individuals that can safely participate in treatment while living at home and attending programming three times per week. The goal of this level of care is to learn/ reinforce skills to help you function independently.

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Dr. Michael Groat explains the continuity of care at Silver Hill. 

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