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Patient Success Stories

Patient Success Stories

“I want to tell people who are ill, who are white knuckling it, that it’s going to get worse. Get help now while you can,” she adds. “Silver Hill is a miracle and I want everyone to know how wonderful it is. If sharing my story helps just one person get help at Silver Hill, it’s worth it.” 

– Laura M.


“I felt safe at Silver Hill.  Safety is a big issue for a lot of people, and you’re taken care of every day there. You get valuable lessons and open up in therapy. Silver Hill has the best staff; they are unbelievable. They go above and beyond. Everyone wants the best for us.”  

– Connor D.


“The visual aesthetics of Silver Hill make it what it is,” Natasha said. “It’s beautiful and doesn’t feel like a psychiatric hospital. How beautiful the campus and the Main House are … it really makes a difference.”

– Natasha


“My response is always the same: It was the greatest decision I ever made in my life,” The hardest thing about going to rehab or getting help is speaking up, seeking help and being dependent on someone else to help you figure this out. It was the best 30 days I’ve had as an adult.”

– CC Sabathia


“Before treatment, I was fighting for a really long time.  My family would have to in the most literal sense, drag me out of bed.  Everyday felt like a punishment and the outside world was so anxiety-ridden.  Full of so many what-ifs, full of constant ruminations of the past, and concentration on all that I wasn’t doing that I could be.  Coming to Silver Hill and K-House in the most genuine way, saved my life.”

– A Grateful Adolescent Program Patient

Stories of Hope and Recovery from our Patients

New Canaan Urgent Assessment Success Story

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