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Your journey of recovery begins by contacting the Evaluation Center at Silver Hill Hospital, ranked among the best mental health facilities in the country. Here, during the admission process, our skilled and caring clinicians can begin to get to know you and the issues you are grappling with. This knowledge is truly powerful, because with it we can align all the healing forces of the hospital to treat your condition and stage of illness.

Patient Experience Video

Lisa Benton, LCSW discusses the patient experience at Silver Hill. 

First Steps

This is the admission process:

Intake and Appointment – You, a family or friend, or an outside clinician will call or email the Evaluation Center to make an admission appointment. A knowledgeable nurse or social worker from our admissions team will complete the phone intake, describe the full admissions process, answer your questions and schedule your appointment.

Meet Your Patient Liaison – At your appointment you will meet your Patient Liaison team member who will help you with your belongings, ensure your safety, provide general orientation and introduce you to the admissions multidisciplinary treatment team. This team is on hand to make you feel welcome, provide necessary care, and make a preliminary evaluation of your treatment needs.

Questions, Concerns and Coordination – At this point, a social worker from our treatment team will answer any questions or concerns you or your family may have, and will coordinate the remaining stages of the admissions process.

Medical Triage – Next the Admissions Nurse will complete a thorough triage assessment to obtain your important medical information for treating clinicians.

Psychiatric Evaluation – Then the Admission Physician, who is a psychiatrist, will complete a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, which becomes the foundation for all treatment at Silver Hill. This evaluation will confirm the condition or conditions you are struggling with, the initial level of care you need, and the most appropriate evidenced-based treatment options.

Insurance and Fees – From here you will meet with the financial coordinator, who will provide guidance about insurance coverage and completing necessary payment.

Family Considerations – Before you go to begin treatment, we will provide your family with visiting hours, contact information for the treating team, and ways to be in touch with you. You and your family will have an opportunity to meet up again, as well.

The Next Chapter – The admissions process now complete, an escort will see you to your assigned treatment destination on our beautiful campus.

Make an Appointment for Admission

For more information or to make an appointment for admission to Silver Hill for either yourself or a referral please call 866.542.4455 or contact us via email

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