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Recovery Education and Applied Learning

REAL Partnership

Silver Hill Hospital in partnership with Recovery Education and Applied Learning “REAL” is pleased to announce the launch of the REAL Platform which can be found at

All Silver Hill Hospital patients will receive the  first 90-day access complimentary.

REAL is an online service designed specifically to help parents and family members navigate the difficult issues they are facing associated with their adolescent or young adult’s battle with substance use and addiction.

What is REAL?

The REAL platform provides daily live events with the nation’s top experts in addiction, offers a multi-media educational component, a peer community, and a vetted and aggregated library of resources –all in one place.

REAL’s weekly 15 hours of live events, (where members can participate with complete anonymity), allow REAL members to ask questions and get immediate answers directly from our experts on relevant topics such as prevention, fentanyl, boundaries, alignment, co-occurring disorders, codependency, insurance, legal issues, IOP’s, inpatient care, sober living, relapse, self- care and more.

Signing Up

You can sign up for the REAL Platform directly by going to

Please note, this program is specifically designed for parents and caregivers of adolescents and young adults who are looking for information on prevention, communication, alignment, boundaries or need more immediate help on substance use disorder or addiction.

Recovery Education cuts through the confusing maze of information found throughout the internet and provides parents with a clear, easy to navigate resource, which provides education, support, and community all in one place.

If you have any questions regarding this important resource, please call 1-866-542-4455.

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