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Our History

For more than eight decades Silver Hill Hospital has been a powerful force for good in the treatment of mental disorders. Our legacy is our commitment to excellence, our exceptionally gifted and caring staff, our healing environment, and our unwavering commitment to proven treatments.

Highlights from Our Journey

Silver Hill Hospital

Silver Hill Hospital Opens

Dr. John Millet founded Silver Hill with the purpose of not wanting to isolate mentally ill patients from society. Millet chooses a location that combines natural beauty with convenient access to New York, thereby providing a sense of community, a healing connection to the landscape and seasons, and proximity to national transportation and the latest advances in psychiatric practice.

Millet works with another physician, William Terhune, and an English nurse Elvira Parsons to establish what they call the “Silver Hill Inn,” a name reflecting a style of hospitality that respects patients as individuals.

Silver Hill Hospital

Silver Hill Incorporates

Silver Hill Hospital becomes incorporated as a not-for-profit foundation, overseen by a Board of Directors and the first meeting occurs. 

Dr. William Terhune and his wife become shareholders and the Silver Hill Foundation is formed “for the study and treatment of nervous disorders and also to defray the expense of treatment of some worthy patients, to operate free out-patient clinics, to carry on research, medical and lay education, and a residency program.”

Dr. Terhune is elected President and Dr. Millet is elected Vice President.

Silver Hill Hospital

Silver Hill Grows

Silver Hill was modernizing, expanding, and continuing to promote the central role of psychiatric treatment in overall health care. As its reputation grew, so did the number of patients who sought treatment. But for the most part, social stigma still kept psychiatric problems hidden behind a cloak of conformity and silence.

Silver Hill Hospital

Silver Hill Receives Accreditation

Silver Hill Chapel cornerstone laid during the annual board meeting. The First service was conducted by Dr. Hiden and other staff physicians on Thanksgiving Day. Silver Hill receives a full 3-year accreditation.

Silver Hill Hospital

Adolescent Unit Opens

The Adolescent Program is a comprehensive treatment facility for youths ages 13 – 17, who are struggling with psychiatric disorders or co-occurring substance abuse issues.

Silver Hill Hospital

Modern Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program Initiated

Marty Mann, the first female AA member, joins Silver Hill staff as a consultant and AA is incorporated into the hospital’s alcohol treatment program. Original research into the biological and psychological contributors to addiction begins.

Silver Hill Hospital

Day Treatment Begins

Silver Hill introduces the first outpatient program charging $112 for room, board, and occupational therapy per day.

Silver Hill now has 308 admissions and provides 20,612 patient days; average length of stay is 67 days. 9 psychiatrists, 3 psychologists, 3 social workers, and 65 nurses are employed totaling 180 employees.

Silver Hill Hospital

Acute Care Unit Opens

Inpatient treatment is often an essential first step in your recovery from mental illness or addiction. It is the most intensive form of care on our continuum at Silver Hill, lasting from 5 to 12 days or more depending on symptoms, to help you through a crisis phase of illness that requires a great deal of management.

Silver Hill Hospital

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Silver Hill begins specializing in this new approach to treatment.

Silver Hill Hospital

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Center Opens

The Mood Disorders Unit opens to provide diagnosis and pharmacotherapy for patients. Silver Hill opens one the few DBT residential programs available in the US as a track in Transitional Living Programs.

Silver Hill Hospital

Renovation of Transitional Living Residences Completed

All residences meticulously are updated and modernized. Clinical expertise is Silver Hill Hospital’s foundation and is what sets us apart from other facilities. Our abundant amenities provide opportunities to complement treatment in relaxing, healthy, and educational ways all with positive outcomes in mind.


Silver Hill Hospital is a nationally recognized, not-for-profit hospital for the treatment of psychiatric and addictive disorders, treating over 3,500 patients annually. 

Silver Hill provides access to the treatment you need, when you need it, all in one location – from Inpatient to Transitional Living to Intensive Outpatient programs. This means there is no disruption of your treatment or dislocation in your care. You can move seamlessly from one level of treatment to another depending on your current needs. During your stay at Silver Hill Hospital, you have ready access to staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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