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For Clinicians

An Environment of Collaboration

We believe that successful patient outcomes can only be achieved through close collaboration with you, the referring clinician. We strive to maintain our position among top rated private hospitals so that you will feel confident referring your patients to us. And we work hard to maintain your trust through timely communication, as your patients move through their recovery with us.

Our staff includes 15 board-certified psychiatrists working in a consultative team setting. Each is highly credentialed, and together they have an uncommon degree of expertise, experience and sensitivity. This means that your confidence in us on behalf of your patients can extend across not only a wide spectrum of disorders, but also throughout levels of severity from single diagnosis to the most complex presentations.

Power of Teams

Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Michael Groat talks about the power of teams at Silver Hill. 

Our Expertise

The healing environment of Silver Hill combines the peacefulness of our beautiful campus with expert and comprehensive care. The grounds of Silver Hill feature six treatment centers in seven well-appointed houses for Adults, Adolescents, and Executives and Professionals.

The conditions we treat include substance abuse, anxiety disorders,  depression, bipolar disorder, bipolar disorder with psychotic features, substance induced psychosis, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, and schizoaffective disorder.

As a full service psychiatric hospital we are uniquely positioned to treat co-occurring disorders. And our three levels of care on one campus means that patients are able to transition seamlessly from Inpatient treatment to on-campus Transitional Living programs to Outpatient care, depending on their current level of need.

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Evidence-Based Therapies

As a psychiatric hospital we can offer our patients an unusually broad and comprehensive range of evidence-based therapies. These are individualized to their needs.

They include some of the following, organized by condition or specialization:

Mood Disorders
Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Personality Disorders Treatment
Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Psychotic Disorders Treatment
Psychosocial Skills Training
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Substance Abuse & Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Medical Detoxification
Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Adolescents Treatment
Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Executives and Professionals Treatment
Integrative Cognitive-Behavioral and Interpersonal Therapy
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Medical Detoxification
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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We have been closely collaborating with referring clinicians for eight decades. We believe it increases the likelihood of successful outcomes. We work hard to earn your trust through timely communication. From initial diagnosis through return to your care, we are here to partner with you in the successful treatment of your patients.

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Postdoctoral Fellowship

Silver Hill Hospital offers one to two year, full-time postdoctoral Fellowships to recent graduates in Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Work or Nursing. Fellows study with the pioneers of leading evidence-based psychotherapies, gaining mastery towards certification. They learn from a community of patient-centered professionals who are dedicated to building ideal treatments for their patients from across the spectrum of proven modalities.

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A Sampling of Testimonials

Former patients, friends and family sometimes reach out to tell us how they are doing – months or even years down the road from their time at Silver Hill. Our clinicians and staff are grateful to receive these thoughtful messages, and find insight in the feedback.

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