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What to Expect

An Environment of Renewal

A stay at Silver Hill for you or a loved one is an unforgettable and emotional journey of renewal. At any stage of treatment it is a time to pause, reflect, and begin learning how to take the necessary steps towards a new and healthier direction.

Our clinicians have world-class credentials and use only proven therapies for treating you. They have a deep commitment to seeing you well again. They are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to guide you on your journey. Silver Hill is a healing space, a non-judgmental space, that gives you the opportunity to change and grow.

So like you would before any other journey, take a moment to get a feeling for your destination – one of the top mental health hospitals in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Get answers to very specific questions about the Silver Hill experience, organized by conditions and divided by levels of treatment.

Admission – This is where your journey begins, and where we get to align your needs with the strengths of Silver Hill.

Being at Silver Hill – Get a better understanding of Silver Hill, what we stand for, and what it will be like during your visit to our campus.

Photo Galleries – If pictures are worth a thousand words, here is the beautiful and peaceful story of our grounds and campus.

Patient Stories – It is perhaps the most gratifying part of a clinicians job: to be told by former patients how well they are doing now and how thankful they are.

Fees and Insurance – Find out about key financial aspects of your journey with us.

Community Commitment

Lisa Benton, LCSW explains Silver Hill’s commitment to our community.