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Why Silver Hill

A Legacy of Service

Founded in 1931, Silver Hill Hospital has become a nationally recognized leader in mental health for adults and adolescents. Our sole focus is on the treatment of psychiatric and addiction disorders and, as a not-for-profit hospital, all our resources are returned to the patient experience.

A Healing Environment

Our home-like residences nestled within the hospital’s beautiful 44-acre campus paint a picture of a quiet country retreat: welcoming, warm and healing. Everything in this tranquil setting has been carefully designed to foster your process of recovery. Our six residential programs are designed to treat specific patient populations and disorders. All of the residences have been recently renovated to ensure your safety and comfort.

Uninterrupted Treatment

We provide access to the treatment you need, when you need it, all in one location – from Inpatient to Transitional Living to Intensive Outpatient programs. This means there is no disruption of your treatment or dislocation in your care. You can move seamlessly from one level of treatment to another depending on your current needs. During your stay at Silver Hill Hospital, you have ready access to staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Staff Expertise

Silver Hill Hospital takes a comprehensive team approach to your psychiatric care. Our staff includes 15 board-certified psychiatrists, most of whom are certified in two or more specializations. These psychiatrists work closely with licensed nurses, social workers, counselors, therapists, technicians and other staff. We have a particularly high staff-to-patient ratio, and many of our staff have made their careers here, devoting themselves to the compassionate treatment of their patients.

Family Participation

The patients who walk through our doors are not the only ones who are affected by a particular illness. So are the families that stand with them. Family members are often the ones who bring patients to Silver Hill Hospital and take them home after their treatment. They play an important role in recovery. We support them throughout treatment and beyond, with regular meetings and programs that foster understanding and lead to a positive outcome.

Partnership With Referring Clinicians

Treatment begins in the community with your referring clinician, and continues during your care at Silver Hill Hospital and after discharge. From initial diagnosis through post-hospital care, we have been collaborating with referring clinicians for eight decades. We work hard to earn their trust every day. When they refer to Silver Hill Hospital, they can be confident that we are here to partner with them in the treatment of even the most complex and difficult presentations.

Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders

In many instances, patients are experiencing more than one illness at the same time when they come to Silver Hill Hospital. For instance, you may suffer with both a substance abuse issue and depression. The world-class clinicians of Silver Hill Hospital take a multi-disciplinary team approach to your care. Together they have the breadth of knowledge and skill to treat co-occurring conditions simultaneously, which is the best approach for a successful recovery.

Evidence Based Therapies

Our clinicians have the skills to employ a wide range of traditional, alternative and complementary therapies that all have one thing in common: They are proven to alleviate symptoms and contribute to your recovery when employed skillfully and appropriately. To learn more about our proven results click here.

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