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Triumph at Silver Hill Hospital

Triumph at Silver Hill Hospital is a voluntary, 12-week intensive, residential program for adults struggling with symptoms from past traumas. The Triumph Program was launched in the fall of 2023. 

Program Overview

Using the tri-phasic approach to trauma treatment, the Triumph Program focuses on stabilizing post-traumatic and dissociative symptoms, as well as comorbid conditions and symptoms, including mood, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, disordered eating, personality, and substance use symptoms.

The program begins with a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of symptoms followed by a combination of trauma symptom management skills, psychoeducational groups, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help stabilize an individual’s condition via an overarching psychodynamic approach. The program includes weekly psychiatric appointments, three times weekly individual therapy, and intensive group programming.  

Triumph at Silver Hill Hospital follows the tri-phasic approach to trauma treatment, concentrating on Phase 1: Stabilization. The program offers Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) for patients who would benefit from this approach and have demonstrated an ability to manage post-traumatic and dissociative symptoms.

As patients approach departure, your team will work collaboratively with you, your family, and your outpatient team to arrange for optimal next steps to continue progress and healing.  

I could talk about how beautiful Silver Hill is, how thoughtful and prepared the staff and clinicians are, or the quality of their doctors, but quite simply, it saved my life.
- T.S.

Who We Serve

The Triumph Program is intended for patients who have a primary trauma or dissociative disorder, including PTSD, Complex PTSD, Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder, Unspecified Dissociative Disorder, or Dissociative Identity Disorder.  The Silver Hill team is uniquely experienced and trained to treat and support patients with varying levels of trauma and dissociation, including complex and severe cases. 

Additionally, patients known to have a history of trauma with unexplained behavioral episodes and/or symptoms that have not responded to previous treatments (such as numerous medications, ECT, TMS, Ketamine, etc…) without success, may be appropriate for this program.    

We accept patients with the following comorbid symptoms: mood symptoms, anxiety, disordered eating impulses, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, substance use difficulties, and difficulties with chronic self-harm or suicidality.

What to Expect

Barrett House

Participants in the Triumph Program stay in Barrett House, a safe and secure residential house on the Silver Hill Hospital campus. Barrett House has 8 single bedrooms, and shared common areas.

All participants in the program will have private bedrooms. 

Some programming takes place within the residence, while meals and other programming is conducted in other locations on campus. All patients also have access to Silver Hill Hospital Wellness facilities and offerings, including gym, pool, massage therapy, meditation, and more

The day begins with morning breakfast and a Community Meeting and continues with a range of daily programming through the evening, including meals, opportunities to reflect, and downtime. Groups within the Triumph Program are led by experienced Silver Hill Hospital team members who are expertly trained in the treatment and care of individuals who have experienced trauma.

A typical weekday schedule for Barrett House residents includes a mix of:

  • Trauma-focused Therapies and Skills, including DBT, CBT, Process Group, Trauma Skills Group, Relationships and Boundaries group, and more.
  • Psychoeducation groups, including symptom education, understanding and coping with triggers, naming and coping with emotions, and more.
  • Experiential therapies such as psychodrama, art therapy, mindful movement, spirituality, and more.
  • In-House Group Programming, including community meetings, goals review, and more.
  • “Homework,” to practice new therapeutic skills and reinforce meaningful learnings.

Residential Counselors are located within Barrett House 24/7, lead and participate in program activities, and are available 24/7 for support and needs.  

Level System: The Triumph Program maintains a “Level System” to ensure patient safety throughout treatment.  There are 3 levels of support that patients progress through during their treatment, beginning with most supportive and progressing to less restrictive as patients demonstrate safety and success with the prior level.

Family Education and Partnership: Triumph Program staff will work with patients and families to determine appropriate levels of family involvement throughout treatment.  Family meetings with the whole treatment team will happen monthly, as appropriate, to update families on patient progress and areas for continued focus.

The Team

Dr. Haas and her team have truly changed my life.  After years of failed treatments, I not only received a proper diagnosis, I finally learned the skills necessary to recognize and effectively manage my trauma symptoms in a way that allows me to move forward on the path towards healing and leading a fulfilling life.
– Kayli O.

Contact Us

To learn more about this program, refer a patient for admission, or find out if it is right for you or a loved one, please contact Neena Zezima, our Triumph Admissions Coordinator at (203) 801-2210 or Silver Hill Hospital general admissions at 1 (866) 542-4455 or fill out a contact form here.


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