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Transitional Living

Transitional Living Care

If your symptoms are stable, and/or you have completed the Inpatient program at Silver Hill, you may continue treatment on an extended basis in one of our on-campus Transitional Living Programs (TLP) for adults or adolescents. You benefit from the highly structured, hospital-based treatment you need at this stage of your illness, while living in a more safe and comfortable setting on the beautiful Silver Hill campus.

You will receive a thorough psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis and treatment plan, including pharmacologic treatment as needed. Our broad range of proven therapeutic tools allows for treatment that is comprehensive and customizable. Our clinicians are superbly trained and highly experienced. They will provide you with a greater psychological understanding of your condition, and the behavioral skills to manage it. Silver Hill is among the best mental health facilities you can choose.

For adults, the length of stay for most conditions is a minimum of 4 weeks, but you may opt to extend your treatment. 

For adolescents, the length of stay for most conditions is a minimum of 5 weeks, but you may, in collaboration with the treatment team, opt to extend your child’s treatment.

All Transitional Living Programs are housed within well-appointed houses on campus, and offer treatment for:

We also have specialized programs for Adolescents and Professionals and Executives.

To learn more about Transitional Living care for the conditions we treat, navigate to What We Treat.

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