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Inpatient Care

Inpatient treatment is often an essential first step in your recovery from mental illness or addiction. It is the most intensive form of care on our continuum at Silver Hill, lasting from 5 to 12 days or more depending on symptoms, to help you through a crisis phase of illness that requires a great deal of management.

Main HouseOur Main House Inpatient Service takes place at our Patricia Regnemer Main House building where we treat psychiatric illnesses in a crisis stage as well as substance abuse and co-occurring disorders that have reached a crisis stage. These adult and adolescent services are unsurpassed for immediate and effective care among top inpatient mental health facilities.


Our goals for you at this level of care are diagnostic assessment, crisis stabilization, medication management, symptom reduction, and safe detoxification when indicated. The Inpatient program at Silver Hill offers you a high clinician-to-patient ratio, so that you can receive the individual attention you require and be prepared for the next levels of care.

Your Treatment Team

Physicians, nurses and social workers work hand-in-hand, to help you stabilize and get ready for any additional levels of care that may be needed. They treat and monitor you individually and in groups, and they prepare your ongoing treatment plan. You have access to clinicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Silver Hill has 14 board certified psychiatrists on staff, with the breath and depth of experience to skillfully treat a wide variety of conditions and dual disorders.

Nurses are a safe haven for you in inpatient care. You may feel that you are in a strange and unexpected environment, and you may feel judged by the outside world. We are your judgement-free zone. Nurses work to build your trust, calm your anxieties, administer and answer your questions about medicines, monitor your medical condition, and help you learn about your symptoms and treatments. They empower you to do what you can for yourself, and help you with what you can’t.

Our nursing staff, so vital to the successful inpatient experience, is devoted to the Kristen Swanson principles of “informed caring,” whose five core principles set the standard for building a nurturing and supportive relationship with you:

Doing For – Comforting, anticipating needs, and protecting the patient from harm.

Being With – Being emotionally present and acknowledging the experience of the patient.

Knowing – Striving to know and understand the patient’s experience without judging it.

Enabling – Helping the patient through transitions by coaching, informing and validating.

Maintaining Belief – Communicating faith in the patient’s ability to move through the present events.

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