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Silver Hill Hospital

Benjamin Bernstein, PhD

Acting Director

Ben Bernstein is a clinical psychologist at Silver Hill Hospital, specializing in assessment, psychodynamic therapy, and group psychotherapy. While he has worked with patients across all of the hospital’s transitional living programs, including The Steward House, Ben currently performs the neuropsychological testing and therapy for patients in the Argent Program, while also supervising and educating psychologists-in-training across the hospital.

For Ben, working with thoughtful clinicians who are committed to helping patients grow is what sets Silver Hill apart. He believes that his colleagues’ passion enables patients to make significant strides in their transformative care programs.

Ben received his Ph.D. from City College of New York and his B.A. from Brown University. He trained at various sites, including state psychiatric centers, VA substance use and rehabilitation facilities, college counseling centers and community mental health clinics.

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