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Silver Hill Hospital

Molly Norton, MA, LPC, CPXP

Executive Director of Quality and Experience

In her role as Executive Director of Quality and Experience, Molly Norton is responsible for ensuring that Silver Hill Hospital maintains the highest of standards from ethical, regulatory, legal, and patient experience perspectives, and employs rigorous processes for ongoing measurement and improvement.

Molly oversees Patient Experience, Quality Improvement, Risk Management, Legal and Regulatory Compliance, and Volunteer Services. She is also the Silver Hill Hospital Compliance Officer. 

Molly joined Silver Hill over a decade ago, serving in and mastering a range of roles leading to her current position. A licensed mental health counselor trained to work with individuals with OCD and anxiety disorders, Molly began as a patient liaison in admissions and a psychiatric technician before transitioning to an admissions clinician role.

Prior to Silver Hill, Molly worked for a non-profit mental health agency where she was an employment specialist and case support worker for clients with severe mental illness.

In addition to her significant ‘day job,’ you can also find Molly on campus in Little House, where she broadcasts Silver Hill Radio, a station she created to offer patients and staff comfort throughout the day through music.

Molly spends her free time staying active by running, skiing, hiking, and horseback riding, and she also enjoys spending time with friends and family.  Molly is currently pursuing an MBA at UMass Amherst. She received an MA in Mental Health Counseling at Yeshiva University. 

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