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A SHARE Celebration

Silver Hill Hospital
Silver Hill Hospital

2023-24 SHARE Learners

Earlier this month, Silver Hill Hospital celebrated the arrival of five 2023-24 SHARE Learners to campus and applauded the accomplishments of those who recently completed SHARE educational programs, each tailored to their respective expertise and disciplines.

SHARE, the Silver Hill Academy for Research and Education, is led by Jeff Katzman, MD, and comprises all of Silver Hill’s Educational programs — both internal and external — from the training of 4th year medical students to the sharing and dissemination of learnings from lifelong practitioners in the field.

The mission of SHARE is to extend education to mental health providers regarding the best available treatments in the care of complex mental disorders and addiction.

Five SHARE learners arrived at Silver Hill for full-year programs. Psychology interns, Brendan Krovatin and Kendra Terry, both come to us from the Adelphi Clinical Psychology PhD program, and are here with us on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday – and at William Alanson White Institute in New York City on Tuesday and Friday. And meet our Psychology post-doctoral fellows: Dr. Anthony Boiardo received his doctorate at The New School and will be starting his program primarily at Barrett House, Dr. Callie Jowers received her doctorate at the University of Detroit Mercy and will spend a good deal of her time at Argent, and Dr. Lawrence Peterson received his doctorate at SUNY, Albany, and will be starting off at the Steward House.

Please say a big hello to them around campus.

Silver Hill Hospital

SHARE Fellows

In addition to welcoming our new SHARE learners, the commencement event also recognized the futures of exceptional SHARE fellows who have either moved on to new roles at Silver Hill Hospital or are pursuing additional Fellowship.

They are, left to right, Sasha Mann, PhD; Benjamin Bernstein, PhD; Jeff Katzman, MD; Michael Huff, MD; Eliza Wierzbinska, PhD; and William Prueitt, MD.

Each SHARE learner’s ‘curriculum’ is customized to their professional experience and education and aligns with their expertise and interest. This approach succeeds in offering SHARE learners extraordinary opportunities for growth, while offering Silver Hill Hospital the talents and expertise of a new generation of psychologists and psychiatrists. A win-win.