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Dr. Immacula Cann Wears a Lot of Hats — Many of them Green!

Silver Hill Hospital

Immacula Cann, DNP, RN-BC is not one to while away her free time. Which is precisely why she has so little of it.

“My father was very big on being involved in the community,” Dr. Cann explains. “He, like me, believed that it is our duty to do our part in improving the community and evolving together.”

At Silver Hill Hospital, Dr. Cann (at left in photo above) brings this vision of community to her role, building and supervising the nursing staff, and instilling in her team a culture of excellence, sensitivity, and learning.  “Our goal as a department is to improve the quality of patients’ lives and help them take initial steps in their journey to recovery and restoration.” Cann’s team does this by providing a safe, secure, and welcoming environment, where patients can feel comfortable being their authentic selves while exploring new skills and mechanisms to improve their lives.

Outside of work, Dr. Cann couldn’t be busier. 'Every day is a gift,' she smiles, 'Use the gift wisely.' And she does.

Outside of work, Dr. Cann couldn’t be busier. ‘Every day is a gift,’ she smiles, ‘Use the gift wisely.’ And she does.

Dr. Cann serves on several boards and commissions, has been a lifelong advocate for social justice, and serves as a lecturer/preceptor for Yale’s Graduate Entry Prespecialty in Nursing (GEPN) program; among many other community commitments.

Most recently, Dr. Cann was named 2024 Grand Marshal by Juneteenth of Fairfield County, a tribute to her significant contributions and service to many organizations over many years. Cann was sworn in on August 27th by Deborah A. Caviness, President of Juneteenth of Fairfield County.

Much More that a Parade

“It is a tremendous honor to be recognized and to be the spokesperson and face of Juneteenth,” says Dr. Cann. “Juneteenth is so much more than a parade,” Cann explains. It’s an American holiday – not just for Black people – and it’s an opportunity to raise awareness and to bring the message of hope that we are all in this together, that we are more connected than we are different.”  

As Dr. Cann explains, every Juneteenth Grand Marshal does things a little bit differently and each selects a theme that is dear to their heart and important for the community to understand.

Dr. Cann has chosen mental health and trauma in the minority community as the 2024 theme. “Who and what we are surrounded by impacts our mental health and overall wellness,” she says. “Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) populations are faced with disproportionate amounts of historical trauma and displacement that have challenged how these communities remain sustainable and continue to thrive. It is important to recognize this and work together to change it.” 

To this end, Dr. Cann is looking forward to collaborating with and supporting other mental health organizations in the community. She will also be supporting a full 2024 calendar of Juneteenth events, all intended to raise funds, raise awareness, and celebrate the spirit and progress that Juneteenth represents.

The Year of the Green Hat

Silver Hill Hospital

Dr. Cann, who is no stranger to colorful accessories (“I like bling!” she laughs) will also be signifying her year as Grand Marshal with a series of special green hats. “Green is the color of mental health, so that is the color I will be wear.”

“Hats are prone to being noticed,” she explains, “and they definitely open up the conversation.”

“I invite others to join me.”

Pictured at left, Dr. Dwayne Smith, 2023 Grand Marshal of Juneteenth of Fairfield County with his successor, Dr. Immacula Cann.