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Meet Simone Sapp, Admissions Coordinator + SHARE Intern

Silver Hill Hospital

Simone Sapp joined the Silver Hill Hospital Admissions team nearly two years ago. This January, she added a new dimension to her work, starting as a Mental Health Counseling Intern in the SHARE program, bringing new insights and hands-on understanding of Silver Hill’s programs and treatment.  We took a few minutes to check in with Simone this month. 

How did you find your way to Silver Hill Hospital?
I came to Silver Hill from Stamford Medical Group to further my knowledge of mental health because I was taking courses for my master’s in clinical mental health.

What is your current role in Admissions and what does that involve?
I am an Admissions Coordinator. I conduct clinical pre-screenings and help patients and families looking for Inpatient or DBT or DBT-S Transitional Living Programs.

Did you come to Silver Hill because of your interest in mental health, or did being at Silver Hill lead you to the field?
I came to Silver Hill because I knew that it is one of the top psychiatric hospitals and a great place to further my knowledge of mental health.

What will you be doing as a Social Work Intern?
I am shadowing social workers and other experienced interns who run groups like DBT, Art Therapy, Creative Expressions, and Coping with Emotions.  I am also entering clinical documents, attending family meetings, assisting in discharge planning, and running groups.

Where are you in your education?
I am working towards an LPC degree [Licensed Professional Counselor]. For now, I am working to complete 780 hours for my internship. After this step, I apply for my LPCA (graduate) degree and will work 3000 hours as required by the state before taking a test to be fully licensed.

Are you continuing to work in Admissions while doing your internship?

What do you like to do when you’re not working/interning?
I like to listen to podcasts, dog walk or sit, take my dogs to the park, and cook. I also work at the Vet/dog hotel for a few hours here and there.

Can we inquire about your dogs’ names? 🙂
Of course! That’s Sobi on the left (a beagle/lab/corgi mix), and Autumn, a lemon beagle, on the right.