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Volunteers Make Difference At Silver Hill Hospital

Silver Hill Hospital

“ During National Volunteer Week, we pay tribute to all who give of themselves to keep America strong, and we renew the spirit of service that has enriched our country for generations.” —Barack Obama, President, United States of America

National Volunteer Week is about recognizing people who find imaginative ways to engage in their communities—and through their example, encourage others to do so. Millions of people in thousands of cities and towns across America have found a way to make the world a better place. Each year, by Presidential Proclamation, one week is set aside to collectively acknowledge their extraordinary contributions.

We couldn’t agree more. At Silver Hill, our volunteers, eager and committed to be prepared for their work, carve out time to go through an orientation with our volunteer department and supervisors, agree to a criminal background check, sign a confidentiality agreement and then usually commit to volunteer two-four hours each week. They number over 200 strong! And let me tell you, our volunteers are invaluable.

We depend on them to do myriad tasks around the hospital from greeting families and assisting in admissions or patient discharge to helping out in marketing and fundraising. As we discussed in our post about pet therapy, it is volunteers who bring the dogs each week. Volunteers with background in psychology or with special talents and hobbies lead patient enrichment groups in areas like writing, arts and craft, music, knitting and flower arranging.

Many come from the local surrounding communities, and we love having their participation. Some work during the week, and others in the evenings or on weekends. But no matter what they are doing or when they come, the supervising staff member can always attest to their manifold contributions. I hear it all the time, without fail. Our volunteers are an integral part of the hospital. We are better for their efforts.

So as the Manager of Volunteer Services, and on behalf everyone at Silver Hill, let me say thank you. You improve the lives of others, every time you visit.

Lisa Ruggiero, MSW
Manager, Volunteer Services
Silver Hill Hospital

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