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Here’s How Skipping Meals Takes a Major Toll on Your Mental Health

Silver Hill Hospital

Skipping meals is such an easy thing to do. You’re busy, on the run, in meetings, and next thing you know, it’s 3:45 pm and your stomach is rumbling. But skipping meals isn’t so innocent — it can take a real toll on your body and mind. Silver Hill’s Alex Pereira, CDN, RDN, weighs in on making the best nutritional choices for your body and your mind.

1. Develop a routine – setting a specific grocery shopping day where you make a list of what you need for the week is a great starting point
2. Listen to and honor your hunger cues – if you’re hungry, eat; regardless of whenever your next scheduled mealtime is
3. Set small goals – work on incorporating a new mealtime each week, if you normally skip breakfast, start adding in small amounts of food during breakfast hour