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SHARE Update: January 2024

Silver Hill Hospital

In 2023, Silver Hill Hospital introduced SHARE, the Silver Hill Academy for Research and Education. And if ever an acronym was just right, it’s SHARE. SHARE was conceived to be an avenue and medium for partnership and advancement, a new institution and a formalization of ongoing Silver Hill Hospital programs and research. SHARE is comprised of five primary categories:

SHARE Education —Educational events hosted by Silver Hill Hospital for clinicians earning continuing education credits. 
SHARE Learning — Programs for ‘students’ across disciplines and levels of learning
SHARE Community — Outreach Programs and Community Resilience Program
SHARE Future — Scholarship and research across Silver Hill Hospital
SHARE Faculty — A collaborative of mental health professionals across the country

Following is a report on activity and progress since the SHARE launch.  

A calendar of Grand Rounds, CME Presentations, and Educational Conferences

In 2023, Silver Hill Hospital hosted 20 Grand Rounds presentations by experts in the field reaching more than 4000 attendees. Videos of these presentations, on topics as varied as OCD and Hoarding Disorder, Neuropsychiatric Manifestations of COVID Infections, Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, Social Media Use in Adolescents, are located in the Education & Resources Video webpage.  

The SHARE 2024 Educational Event lineup is equally compelling, offering a breadth of topics on mental health and the human condition.  View the 2024 SHARE Calendar.

Loneliness + Connection

In addition to other presentations, SHARE has identified Loneliness + Connection as an overarching theme of exploration. Be on the lookout for programs and events related to this timely topic, identified by U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, as an epidemic and underappreciated public health crisis.  Indeed, our own Jeff Katzman, MD, a long-term student of the topic, is on the Steering Committee of the CT Collaborative to End Loneliness, formed by Senator Chris Murphy.

Listen to Conscious Mind, a Silver Hill Radio feature, and learn more about Dr. Katzman and SHARE’s Commitment to Loneliness and Connection.

Programs for ‘students’ across disciplines and levels of learning

While not a ‘Teaching Hospital” in the traditional sense — i.e. co-located with a medical school and linked directly to a university — Silver Hill Hospital, through SHARE, is most definitely an academy of learning, offering Clinical Rotations, Fellowships, Training, and Internships to students of psychiatry, psychology, nursing, and social work.

In 2023, SHARE substantially expanded our training programs, hosting a vibrant group of 14 social work interns: three psychology post-doc fellows, a psychiatry resident, two interns from the William Alanson White Institute, plus five medical students from CUNY, and many, many nurses-in-training!

Together, this group forms a community of learners, meeting collectively twice a week in a community group and didactic forum. SHARE students create strong connections with one another facilitating work relationships as well as lifelong professional connections beyond Silver Hill.

We look forward to the ongoing expansion of our training programs and welcoming additional medical students this year, a fourth-year psychiatry resident from Yale, as well as psychiatry fellows with specializations including addiction.

Meet a few of our SHARE Learners:

Outreach programs for everyone

In addition to training and education programs, SHARE also actively engages community members through a calendar of local events in Connecticut, as well as through the Community Resilience Campaign, an international initiative founded in 2020 that provides resilience coaching to health care facilities, schools, and other community organizations.

In 2023, the CRC hosted over 200 workshops for over 5,500 participants in over 50 organizations, including leadership and frontline staff of multiple departments at Yale New Haven Health. CRC participants learned practical skills to increase awareness and incorporate self-care practices into their daily routine to foster healthy relationships, reduce stress, and prevent burnout.  

Project ECHO Partnership + Resilience Building Workbook

In collaboration with Project ECHO at the University of New Mexico, the CRC also provides resilience building presentations to Bureau of Indian Affairs law enforcement and correctional officers, Office of Justice Services team members, and healthcare workers around the globe, thus far reaching over 2500 health care providers.

In partnership with the Health Resources and Services Administration’s behavioral health program, the CRC has also created Introduction to Resilience: Building our Internal Resources: General Concepts, a free online workbook encompassing the knowledge, skills, and experiences that the Project ECHO community of learners have shared during this program.

Get your copy of the Introduction to Resilience Workbook Here

Research and Scholarship at Silver Hill Hospital

As the research and scholarship arm of Silver Hill Hospital, SHARE represents the Hospital’s pre-eminent psychiatrists, psychologists, and team members who are not only treating complex mental illnesses, but also observing, capturing, and examining their work and leading research, authoring studies, and sharing their findings at conferences around the world.  Their work is fundamental to advancing our understanding of mental health and the workings of the mind. 

In addition to the ongoing research being performed across disciplines, SHARE’s theme of Loneliness + Connection — the centerpiece of several 2024/25 presentations, workshops, and events — will create an opportunity for scholars and experts in the field to convene for presentations to be collected in a series of manuscripts for publication.

Learn More About Research

The SHARE Faculty is a collaborative of mental health professionals across the country committed to sharing work and scholarship with each other and the SHARE community to inspire advancement in the field. To learn more or express interest, please submit the “Help Us Grow” form on the SHARE webpage The Silver Hill Academy for Research and Education (SHARE) | Silver Hill Hospital 

SHARE 2024

Onward and upward with expanded programs and experiences for SHARE participants

SHARE is off to an excellent start, and we look forward to an active and engaged 2024.  Here are some of our plans:

  • MENTALIZATION-BASED THERAPY CONFERENCES — SHARE is hosting in-person conferences for providers in New York City and Connecticut on the use of Mentalization Based Therapies, a state-of-the-art program for the treatment of borderline personality disorder.
  • HARM REDUCTION — SHARE is hosting two in-person conferences on the harm reduction approach to substance use by a national leader in this field.
  • LONELINESS AND CONNECTION — An In-Depth Exploration
    • Programs and events on campus at Silver Hill — for patients and staff — and in the local community.
    • Ongoing engagement with local and national leaders in this area.
    • A National Loneliness + Connection Conference in 2025.
    • Film Festival designed to facilitate discussions of loneliness for Silver Hill Hospital staff and interested clinicians and trainees.
  • WORKBOOKS — The development of workbooks supporting and reinforcing key SHARE themes.
  • CLINICAL SCHOLARS PROGRAM — An additional layer of support for current trainees for ongoing research through our new Clinical Scholars program.
  • COLLABORATION — Regular meetings with our growing external SHARE faculty to facilitate the creation of new program ideas, research initiatives, and conferences.
  • COMMUNICATION — The creation of a quarterly SHARE newsletter to highlight and capture our news and progress.

Learn More About SHARE